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The World of Shareholder Perks

Getting more than profit from your investments


Shareholder Perks and Gifts
Many corporations offer their shareholders perks, freebies, goodies, discounts and a whole slew of special treatment. To qualify for these perks, an investor must normally have at least one share of stock in certificate form, registered in their own name. Although shareholder perks should never be the primary motivation for investing in a company, they can sweeten the deal.

Shareholder Perk 1: Anheuser-Busch

One of the world's premier beverage companies, Anheuser-Busch owns a chain of theme parks under the Busch Gardens and Sea World names. Shareholders are given a 15% discount on the price of admission as well as a grab bag full of various "goodies".

Shareholder Perk 2: Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway, investment vehicle of billionaire Warren Buffett, offers some of the best shareholder perks in the business world. Investors are treated to discounts at GEICO Insurance, as well as large price reductions during the weekend of the shareholder meeting on merchandise from Borsheims Jewelry and Fine Gifts and Nebraska Furniture Mart. The discounts can be so large, in fact, they can pay for a share of the company's class B stock (current price: $3,000 each).

Shareholder Perk 3: McDonald's

In addition to owning a part of the world's largest fast food chain, McDonald's investors will be sure to enjoy the gift certificate for free french fries sent to them by the company's management. Would you like a Coke with that?

Shareholder Perk 4: Newell-Rubbermaid

Each year, Rubbermaid hands out three free passes for investors to shop at the employee-only store, which offers extensive merchandise at a substantial discount. This shareholder perk may be particularly useful for that domestic diva in your life.

Shareholder Perk 5: Starbucks

Stockholders of Starbucks are treated to - what else? - free coffee. Tucked in with their annual report, investors will find a certificate for a free beverage at any Starbucks location. This is the shareholder perk that will literally perk you up.

Shareholder Perk 6: Walt Disney Company

Those who own stock in entertainment giant Disney are given the opportunity to enroll in the Magic Kingdom Club for $39 (20% lower than the cost to non-shareholders). Members receive deep discounts ranging from 10 to 30% at all Disney resorts, stores, theme parks, attractions, and events.

Shareholder Perk 7. William Wrigley Corporation

The world's largest bubble gum manufacturer, William Wrigley produces such brands as Juicy Fruit, Big Red, and Wrigley's. Shareholders are sent twenty packs of free gum every year at Christmas as a "thank you" from the company.

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