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Mutual Funds Under $100

Strapped for Cash? These funds will let you invest with $100 or less!


Want to start investing but are strapped for cash? Here I have compiled a list of mutual funds that offer low initial investment minimums, letting you start saving for tomorrow with the little bit you have today! Each of these funds offers a $100 minimum. (Note: This does not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell any listed security or fund. This list was generated for the sole purpose of illustrating that an investor does not have to have a significant amount of wealth to begin investing).

Symbol Fund Name

SIFCX SIFE Trust Fund Class C

SBEIX Security Enhanced Index B

SEFAX Security Equity Select 25 A

SEFBX Security Equity Select 25 B

SEVAX Security Mid Cap Value A

SEPBX Security Small Cap Growth B

SWAAX Security Social Awareness A

SWABX Security Social Awareness B

NTFIX Dupree NC Tax Free Income

TNTIX Dupree TN Tax-Free Income

SMRTX SM&R Tax-Free Fund T

SSIFX Sextant International Fund

GESLX GE S&S Long Term Bond

GESSX GE S&S Program Mutual Fund

SECUX Security Ultra Fund A

SEQAX Security Equity Fund-Global A

SEUBX Security Ultra Fund B

DPIGX Dupree Interm Government Bond

SGOBX Security Equity Fund-Global B

SETEX Security Municipal Bond A

SMRGX SM&R Government Bond Fund T

PSUAX PaineWebber Low Dur US Gov Inc A

SSGFX Sextant Growth Fund

ANTRX SM&R Balanced Fund T

AMANX Amana Mutual Fund Tr-Income

KYTFX Dupree KY Tax Free Income

SIUSX Security Diversified Income A

AMRNX SM&R Growth Fund T

SECEX Security Equity Fund A

AMNIX SM&R Equity Income T

NTSMX Dupree NC Tax Free Sh-to-Med

SEQBX Security Equity Fund B

PSGDX PaineWebber Low Dur US Gov Inc C

SETBX Security Municipal Bond B

TTSMX Dupree TN Tax-Free Sh-to-Med

PSGBX PaineWebber Low Dur US Gov Inc B

KYSMX Dupree KY Tax Free Short-to-Med

SUGBX Security Diversified Income B

SECIX Security Growth and Income A

SECBX Security Growth and Income B

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