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Top 10 Investing Books


I consistently receive requests from readers asking for a list of recommended finance and investing books. After careful consideration, I put together this list of my top ten choices. Each has proved immensely valuable in my own education and I urge you to begin putting together a library of your own. Your mind (and hopefully pocketbook) will thank you.

1) The Intelligent Investor

This is perhaps the most important and influential book ever written about value investing. Originally published in 1934 by Ben Graham, this work has been heralded by such notable investors as Warren Buffett as "the best investing book ever written". In it, Graham presents two types of investing styles - one for every day people who don't want to think about their portfolios ("defensive") and the business man or woman who wants to enjoy maximum returns ("enterprising").

2) One Up on Wall Street

As many of you have heard me say, One up on Wall Street is, in my opinion, the first or second book any new investor should read. In it, famed mutual fund manager Peter Lynch teaches you how to use what you already know to make money in the market.
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3) The Essays of Warren Buffett

Anyone who is worth their salt as an investor has read the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder letters, written by Buffett. In this book, Professor Lawrence Cunningham selects and arranges these corporate "essays" by topic and relevance. It is a great tool to have handy and can teach you a lot about management, business valuation, investing philosophy, the use of stock options, economic and accounting goodwill and more.

4) Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits & Other Writings

Philip Fisher is one of the most prominent and important financial thinkers in history. In this book, he examines the fifteen qualities of an excellent business. When this approach is coupled with Graham's "value" method, it can be a very powerful thing.
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5) Security Analysis

Security Analyis was originally written by Professor Benjamin Graham in 1934. Five editions and a million copies later, the seven hundred page investing treatise will teach you how to analyze and value almost any investment. If you take more than a casual interest in building your networth, this book will change your life.

6) How to be a Billionaire

In this 250+ page book, the author takes you through the strategies of many of America's billionaires, going back more than 100 years to such names as Getty and Rockefeller, and ending with such modern-day titans such as Bill Gates. It examines each of their strengths in an easy-to-digest format. This book is a fun and informative read.
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7) The Interpretation of Financial Statements

Do you want to learn to read and understand financial statements? This classic investment book makes it simple. No matter how experienced an investor, this

8) 9 Steps to Financial Freedom

Renowned expert Suze Orman discusses nine steps each person can take to put themself on the road to financial independence. Not just limited to investment, this book covers everything from retirement to life insurance. It is an excellent companion if you are looking for a well-rounded approach to bring fiscal responsibility and discipline to your life.
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9) Use the News

This guide to the stock market from CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo, discusses how an investor can separate the "news" from the "noise", allowing them to focus on what is truly important to their investments. You can find more information on the book in my interview with Maria Bartiromo.

10) Financial Shenanigans: How to Detect Accounting Gimmicks and Fraud

The second edition of Howard Schilit's book teaches investors to detect financial fraud and aggressive accounting in annual reports, financial statements, and SEC filings. There are dozens of real-life examples ranging from film to tech companies. If you take more than a casual interest in your investments, you should consider owning this book.
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