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The Benefits of Owning Blue Chip Stocks - Investing for Beginners
Investing in blue chip stocks can be one of the most profitable things a person can do over their lifetime if they are careful to select a basket of shares in strong ...
What Is a Blue Chip in Investment Terminology?
Blue chip stocks generally pay very large and growing dividends, making them favorably regarded by investors. A few examples of blue chips are Wal-Mart, ...
Blue Chip Stocks - Investing for Beginners - About.com
Interested in Blue Chip Stocks? Here you can find information on those companies that have come to be hailed as Royalty on Wall Street.
Are Your Blue Chip Stocks Earning Good Returns on Reinvested ...
When you invest in blue chip stocks, a big chunk of your profits will be kept by management for reinvestment. How do you know if they are doing a good job with ...
What Are Blue Chip Stocks? - Investing for Beginners - About.com
What are blue chip stocks? Blue chip stocks are stocks that investors think are high quality and valuable due to strong dividends and balance sheets.
Earning Yields and the Price-to-Earning Ratio of Blue Chip Stocks
In the long-run, the only thing that matters for your blue chip stocks are the earnings per share, the valuation multiple that is applied to those earnings, and the ...
Where Did the Term Blue Chip Originate - Investing for Beginners
The term blue chip for blue chip stocks originated from poker.
The Dividend Adjusted PEG Ratio
The dividend adjusted PEG ratio is a way to factor in the dividend yield on blue chip stocks when valuing the multiple at which a company's shares should trade.
What are Blue Chip Baskets, SPDRs, Diamonds, and HOLDRs
Benefits of Owning Blue Chip Stocks · HOLDRs - The Most Revolutionary Thing since Mutual Funds · Where did the term Blue Chip Originate · Official HOLDRs ...
When Buy and Hold Doesn't Work
There are times that buying and holding blue chip stocks doesn't work because of the underlying health of the business or the price at which you acquire your ...
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