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Board of Directors - Responsibility, Role, and Structure
Mention the phrase "board of directors" to the average investor, and they are likely to conjure up images of nicely dressed men and women standing around a  ...
What Does the Board of Directors Do? - Investing for Beginners
The Board of Directors is a group of people elected by the stockholders (the owners) to represent their interest. The board is responsible for hiring the CEO, ...
Signs of a Healthy Nonprofit Board of Directors
Your board of directors can be a help or a hindrance. Here are some characteristics of a healthy board. Use them to evaluate yours.
Corporate Board of Directors Liability - US Business Law / Taxes
What liability do corporation board of directors members have in their board positions? Not as much as you might expect. Corporate board members have a ...
Your Nonprofit's First Board of Directors - Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Organizing your nonprofit's first board of directors may be the most important thing you do. The right mix of people and skills is the key.
Board of Directors Meeting - US Business Law / Taxes - About.com
What happens at the first board of directors meeting - organizational meeting.
The Duties of a Board of Directors for a Corporation
The individuals who are selected to be on the board of directors of a corporation have overall responsibility for the activities of the corporation. The board acts on ...
What to Look For in Board of Directors Members
Selecting a board of directors is an important step as you are starting your corporation. Your board members will help you make decisions and also satisfy the ...
Board of Directors - How to Set Up a Board of Directors - Learn ...
Ken Burnett, guru of nonprofit management and fundraising, has a new book to help you with your board of directors.
What is a Board of Directors - Board of Directors Defined
The Board of Directors of a corporation is the group of individuals who are charged with running the corporation. The duties of the board of directors and officers ...
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