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Board of Directors - Responsibility, Role, and Structure
Mention the phrase "board of directors" to the average investor, and they are likely to conjure up images of nicely dressed men and women standing around a  ...
What Does the Board of Directors Do? - Investing for Beginners
The Board of Directors is a group of people elected by the stockholders (the owners) to represent their interest. The board is responsible for hiring the CEO, ...
Signs of a Healthy Nonprofit Board of Directors - About.com
Your board of directors can be a help or a hindrance. Here are some characteristics of a healthy board. Use them to evaluate yours.
Your Nonprofit's First Board of Directors - About.com
Organizing your nonprofit's first board of directors may be the most important thing you do. The right mix of people and skills is the key.
Nonprofit Boards - Basic Responsibilities and Duties
What are the responsibilities of a board of directors of a nonprofit? They are more defined and important than you might think.
What to Look For in Board of Directors Members
Selecting a board of directors is an important step as you are starting your corporation. Your board members will help you make decisions and also satisfy the ...
What is a Board of Directors - Board of Directors Defined
The Board of Directors of a corporation is the group of individuals who are charged with running the corporation. The duties of the board of directors and officers ...
The Duties of a Board of Directors for a Corporation
The individuals who are selected to be on the board of directors of a corporation have overall responsibility for the activities of the corporation. The board acts on ...
Board of Directors - Directors - Board Directors
Your corporation's board of directors can be a huge asset to you as a business owner. Learn about duties of directors, selecting a board, compensating board ...
Corporate Board of Directors Liability - US Business Law / Taxes
What liability do corporation board of directors members have in their board positions? Not as much as you might expect. Corporate board members have a ...
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