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Buying Stock Without a Broker - Investing for Beginners - About.com
You can buy stock without a broker by taking advantage of direct stock purchase plans, dividend reinvestment plans, and other specialty accounts.
Why Investors Should Consider Investing Through DRIPs
Many DRIPs are also direct stock purchase plans, allowing you to buy shares of a company directly from the business. Most don't charge a commission or fee for ...
Dividend Reinvestment Plans or DRIPs - Investing for Beginners
When you use direct stock purchase plans, dividend reinvestment plans, or DRIPs, you pay little or no commission. This leaves more cash in your pocket.
How To Buy a Single Share of Stock as a Gift - Investing for Beginners
Most Emailed Articles. Join eBay in 10 Easy Steps - eBay - eBay for Beginners. See More About. stock · stock market · stock brokers · direct stock purchase plans  ...
The New Investor's Complete Guide to Brokers
... to your name. Learn what these ridiculous charges are called ... More . Ads. &ensp. Buying Stocks Without a Broker Through Direct Stock Purchase Plans - ...
Investment Research 101 - Investing for Beginners - About.com
Dividend Reinvestment Programs (DRIPs) and Direct Stock Purchase Plans. If, after careful analysis of the financial statements and business economics, the ...
How to Start Investing With a Small Amount of Money
Direct Stock Purchase Plans. If investing in individual companies is your goal, you might want to consider Direct Purchase Plans, or DPPs for short. Like their ...
New Investor's Guide to Investment Research - Investing for Beginners
... and some unique ways to acquire the investments you desire, such as using DRIPs or direct stock purchase plans to avoid or reduce brokerage commissions.
Turning $10 a Week Into a $10 Million Fortune - Page 2
They could have taken their salary and written a "paycheck" to their direct stock purchase plans. In that case, the family would have been worth more than $100 ...
Saying No to Custodial Fees and So-Called Safe Keeping Fees
Many companies offer direct stock purchase plans and dividend reinvestment plans that won't charge you a penny for having stocks safely held with the transfer  ...
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