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Guide to Dividends and Dividend Investing
Interested in dividends or dividend investing? Does the idea of collecting checks for the rest of your life, generating passive income sound appealing? Do you ...
Introduction to Dividends and Dividend Investing
This dividends 101 step-by-step guide is your complete introduction to dividends, dividend investing, and much more. You'll discover why dividends are ...
What Is Dividend Investing? - Investing for Beginners - About.com
Dividend investing is about one thing: Buying shares of stock that pay large cash dividends so you have money deposited into your bank account or mailed to ...
Dividends Definition in the Tax Glossary - Taxes - About.com
Dividends are a share of a company's profits that is divided among shareholders. People who own stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, may receive dividends from ...
How Dividends Make You Money - Stocks
One of the ways you make money with stocks is by investing in companies that pay dividends. Dividends are profits the company distributes to shareholders.
The Pros and Cons of Using Dividend Mutual Funds
Definition: Dividend mutual funds are stock mutual funds that primarily invest in companies that pay dividends, which are profits that companies share with stock  ...
How Dividends Are Taxed and Reported on Tax Returns - Taxes
Dividends are a type of investment income generated from from stocks and mutual funds containing stocks. Dividends represent a share of corporate profits paid ...
Determining a Company's Dividend Payout - Investing for Beginners
In the days of falling stock prices, Board of Directors will often begin to pay dividends to help stabilize the company's stock. Many investors consider these ...
About The Double Taxation of Dividends - Investing for Beginners
There is a double taxation problem with dividends. In fact, the United States has one of the highest taxes on dividends in the entire world because we don't allow  ...
What Is a Dividend - Investing for Beginners - About.com
A dividend is a portion of corporate earnings paid out to shareholders. Most dividends are paid quarterly.
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