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Futures - Investing for Beginners - About.com
Futures contracts are a mechanism that allow investors or speculators to hedge the price of a given commodity or asset such as oil or soybeans. A company ...
What Are Dow Futures and How Do They Work?
Have you ever picked up the newspaper or watched CNBC and wondered what the reporters were talking about when they discussed the Dow Futures and the ...
Futures Definition - What Are Futures? - Day Trading - About.com
Futures markets are the most popular day trading markets. They offer a wide variety of markets, can be traded at very low cost (i.e. low commission), and do not ...
Trading Futures Markets - Day Trading - About.com
Futures markets are some of the most popular day trading markets, and will probably be the first type of market that you trade. Futures markets are available ...
Understanding a Futures Contract and Specifications - Commodities
The main features of futures contracts to learn are ticker symbols, futures contracts, contract sizes, delivery months and price quotes.
Commodities Futures: Definition and How They Work - US Economy
An easy-to-use definition of commodities futures, how they work, and the investment risks.
Trading Futures with Options - Commodities - About.com
With the combination of futures and options, a trader is able to come up with just about any type of strategy for trading a market. Utilizing options with futures ...
Trading Energy Futures - Commodities - About.com
The energy commodities are some of the most active and popular commodities to trade. Crude oil is the most popular contract, but unleaded gas, heating oil and ...
Futures Contracts Definition - US Economy - About.com
Dec 27, 2014 ... A definition of futures contracts including commodities futures contracts and - the most influential - oil futures contracts.
Where to Find Futures Quotes and Charts - Commodities - About.com
Several online sources provide futures quotes and charts. Three of the top sources for futures quotes are discussed.
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