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Small Business Investing - Investing for Beginners - About.com
These resources are designed to explain some of the basics of small business investing, including the legal structures that are important to understand.
Two Types of Investments in a Small Business
When you invest in a small business, you have two choices of the type of position you want to take: You can make an equity investment or you can make a debt ...
Small Business Investing for Beginner Portfolios
When you make a small business investment, you can profit in one of three ways. Having reasonable expectations about which source of profit will generate the ...
What is a Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) - Small ...
Small Business Investment Companies, a division of the Small Business Administration, are sources of venture capital for small businesses.
Investors for Your Small Business - Venture Capital
What is venture capital and how do you find it? Venture capital is often the financing choice that start-up business firms must make in order to get financing.
How to Increase Profits at a Business - Investing for Beginners
This may seem outside of the realm of ordinary investing but since many people have an enormous investment in a small business, it seemed appropriate to ...
Diversification Risk a Major Problem For Small Business Investors
If you invest in a small business, you can run into trouble if the company becomes so successful than you rely on it too heavily. Though this is a good problem to ...
Equity Financing - Is It Right for Your Small Business? - Entrepreneurs
A different approach is to seek equity financing by issuing stock in your company. In essence, this option allows you to sell shares of your company to investors, ...
Business Owners Appear To Be Better Investors
The data seems to indicate that business owners manage their investments ... About.com · About Money · Investing for Beginners · Investing in Small Businesses ...
Business Opportunities - Most Profitable Small Businesses to Start in ...
Here are ten of the most profitable small businesses opportunities with low initial investments to start in 2013.
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