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Social Security Benefits: Tax Treatment and Withholding - Taxes
Social Security benefits are subject to the federal income. The amount of benefits that are included in taxable income depends on total income from all sources.
How to Calculate Social Security Benefits
The forumula used to calculate how much Social Security you will get is complex. Here is a step-by-step guide, with examples, so you can see exactly what is ...
Social Security Calculators - Try One Before Claiming - Money Over 55
A good Social Security calculator can help you get more lifetime benefits by showing you customized claiming strategies that you would not likely be aware of  ...
When to Take Social Security for Singles - Money Over 55 - About.com
Making the decision as to when to take your Social Security in order to maximize these benefits is more important than ever. You can decide when to take Social ...
Six Social Security Claiming Mistakes - Money Over 55 - About.com
When couples coordinate the claiming of their Social Security benefits, they get more. Most people look at when they should start their own benefits, but they ...
Taxation of Social Security for Married Couples - Money Over 55
When you work your way through the formulas, you can pay tax on anywhere from 0 - 85% of your Social Security benefits. The numbers in the table below were ...
Social Security Survivor vs. Spousal Benefits - Money Over 55
For married couples this means joint social security benefits are usually maximized when the lower earning spouse begins benefits as soon as possible ( as long ...
Early Retirement and Social Security - 4 Things to Know
There are four things you should know about early retirement and Social Security ; how early retirement affects social security benefits, that you are not required ...
When and How to Apply for Social Security Benefits
Actually applying for Social Security retirement benefits is the easy part. You can apply online, by telephone or by walking into your local Social Security office.
Social Security Strategies to Increase Benefits - Money Over 55
Are there Social Security strategies you can use to get more out of your Social Security benefits? Yes, but each only works if you fit a specific set of criteria. For ...
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