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403(b) Plan

A 403b plan is a retirement plan for University, civil government, and not-for-profit employees. It has the same characteristics and benefits of a 401k. These links, articles, and resources will help you find information on 403b plans.

Understanding Your 403(b) Plan
The 403(b) plan is a type of qualified retirement plan offered to employees of non-profits, educational institutions, and some self-employed ministers. The 403(b) plan is often compared to a 401(k) plan because it shares many of the same characteristics, withdrawals, contribution limits, tax rules, and investment choices.

10 Facts on 403b plan - The Motley Fool
An article from the Motley Fool. Find out if you are eligible to participate in a 403b plan, the investment options available to 403b plan participants, the vendors you can use for your account, and information on the special 'catch-up clause'.

403b - Be Wise
The best site for 403b information available on the entire net.

403b Plan - Retirement Information
A list of the benefits, tax consequences, contribution limits and deductions for your 403b plan.

FAQ - 403b Plans and other Retirement Accounts
A frequently asked question page discussing several different types of retirement accounts, including 403b plans.

How to manage your 403b plan
Changing Jobs? This article explains your three options for transferring 401k and 403b assets to your new employer.

Investopedia - 403b Plan
A definition of the 403b plan with links to two articles, "Supplementing your Retirement Income with IRAs", and "Retirement Planning".

New Retirement Rules - 401k, 403b, and Self-Funded IRAs
Want to know the best time to make your 403b plan contributions? Not sure of the maximum tax-deductible contribution amount? Get the answers to these questions in this article on 403b plans from MsFinancialSavy.

Washington Post - 403b Gets a Little More LIke Its Cousin
A great article about the changes made to the 403b by the Washington Post.

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