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Small business represents one of the biggest investments most families will make. Whether it is pooling money together to start a retail store or opening a small coffee shop, entrepreneurship has a rich history that, historically, has served as the best option for those who don't have a lot of money to invest and who possess a certain temperament and skill set. These resources are designed to explain some of the basics of small business investing, including the legal structures that are important to understand.
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How to Increase Profits in a Small Business Investment
If you own a small business or invest in a small business, there are only a handful of ways you can increase your profits. Remembering these few rules might help you improve your focus and enjoy bigger rewards for your effort.

The Two Types of Investments You Can Make In a Small Business
When you consider investing in a small business, you have two choices. The first is to make an equity investment in exchange for an ownership stake. The second is to make a debt investment in exchange for interest income and a promise for repayment of principal. Which is better? It depends.

Diversification Risk a Major Problem For Small Business Investors
With many families, the first, and sometimes only, investment they have is in a small business they founded or acquired. If successful, the small business can grow to dominate the net worth of the individual family members. This can cause problems if things turn south.

The Three Ways a Small Business Investment Can Make Money for Your Portfolio
There are three ways to enjoy a return from your small business investments. Having reasonable expectations about which source of profit will generate the highest gains for you is an important component of portfolio management strategy.

Business Owners Manage Their Money Differently Than The General Public
The data shows that people who own a business invest their money in very different ways than those who don't. They also end up with much higher net worths, as a group, than non-business owners.

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