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Amortization Calculator

Amortization calculators can tell you how much your monthly payment will be based on interest rate, loan or mortgage amount, down payment, and time frame. This collection of financial calculators and amortization calculators can be a tremendous help.

Amortization and Loan Calculator
This amortization calculator calculates the amount of loan payments for your mortgage based on the time period you input. You can view a breakdown by payment by selecting the Full Loan Amortization box.

Bret's Loan Amortization Calculator
A very simple amortization calculator. Users can choose to have the amortization tables displayed with payment, loan, and mortgage information. Very easy to use; highly recommended for basic finance problems.

Century 21 Amortization Calculator
An amortization calculator for a loan or mortgage, that includes a special "recalculate" feature that allows you to see the impact of making a one-time payment.

Finance Center - Amortization Calculator
A simple mortgage amortization calculator that generates a payment schedule. The page is nicely designed and useful when planning your loan.

Loan and Amortization Calculator - from Bankrate
A fairly advanced loan and amortization calculator that will calculate monthly mortgage payments, as well as the impact of extra payments.

Loan Payment and Amortization Calculator
Fill in the loan amount, interest rate and number of years on your mortgage, then click either the Amortize This or the Monthly Payment button.

Mortgage Payment Calculator
This calculator allows the user to generate amortization schedules by month or year as well the monthly payment for a mortgage paid either monthly or bi-weekly. It can also demonstrate the effects of prepaying your mortgage or loan on an irregular (one-time) or regular (monthly or annual) basis.

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