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Cost of Living Calculator

If you're planning on moving to a different city or state, a cost of living calculator can tell you the salary required at your new residence to maintain your current standard of living. These cost of living calculators are the best on the net.

Bankrate Cost of Living Calculator
The Bankrate cost of living calculator has three fields of input, asking where you live, where you are planning on moving, and your current salary. An excellent comparison tool. Requires javascript.

Best Places - Cost of Living Calculator
This cost of living calculator allows you to make a side-by-side comparison of two cities "in all the categories you need, such as taxes, housing, food, and other costs".

City Rating Cost of Living Calculator
A very beautiful web page with a simple interface and cost of living calculator. There is an explanation of how the comparison results are computed.

Cost of Living Calculator for College Students
The Economic Research Institute hosts this cost of living calculator for college students that measures the expenses of transportation, food, etc., in over 7,200 U.S., Canadian, and international locations. An excellent comparison tool for students and parents preparing for the financial adjustments of college.

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