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Economics is the study of how scarce commodities and resources are affected by supply and demand. Economics is divided into two subdivisions, microeconomics and macroeconomics. These links include economics articles, resources, working papers, and individual disciplines.
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Average Household Income in the United States
Household income in the United States is perhaps the best way to estimate the standard of living and find out where you and your family fall compare to your neighbors. This chart of household income in the United States was provided by the United States Census and based upon the 2005 data.

Class In The United States
Social and economic class in the United States is often ranked based on household income and household wealth. In this special, we're going to discuss class in the United States, what causes those who reach the super-rich to get there, and where you and your family fall in the rankings. If you've ever wondered what it would take to be a member of the upper crust or if you just like observing so…

Lessons from the Credit Crisis
There are several lessons that you should learn from the credit crisis, and not all of them are purely economic. Take a minute to discover the mistakes made by most people - namely, allowing a huge portion of their income to come from a single source - and things you should consider so that your family is protected the next time the economy hits a rough patch.

What is the Difference Between a Sector and an Industry?
Wall Street likes to organize companies into different sectors and industries but many investors don't know the difference between a sector and an industry.

Recession - From the Front Lines
Right now, it seems like a lot of people are talking about a recession. They want to know what a recession is, how they can survive a downturn in the economy, and how we could fight recession pressures in the general economy.

Managing Your Portfolio During a Recession
Managing your portfolio during a recession can pose some unique challenges for your investments. In this second part of our recession guide, we'll provide a unique perspective on ways you can possible reduce your risk and help protect your assets. Recessions don't have to be scary for your portfolio of investments so take a moment to read more.

About Economics - Articles, Working Papers, Etc.
Read and learn about economics articles, indicators, research, working papers, and theories from your About.com guide to economics.

Economist and Economics Jokes
For the true financial geek, this list of economist and economics jokes will come in handy. A hillarious site for those with some economics background.

The Dismal Scientist
One of the leading economics sites on the net, the dismal scientist provides economic articles, indicators, forecasts and opinions from leading economists, and much more.

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