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EE Savings Bonds

Series EE savings bonds are guaranteed by the United States government, pay interest based on current market rates, and can be cashed in any time after six months. In addition, Series EE bonds are exempt from state and local tax, and in cases where they are used to pay college expenses, from Federal taxes, as well.

Series EE Savings Bond Guide
If you want to begin investing in Series EE savings bonds, we've put together a list of the articles, resources, and guides you'll want to read. You'll learn about tax benefits, how to purchase EE bonds, and much more. In a few moments, you'll see how easy it easy to add these great fixed income investments to your portfolio.

Intro to Series EE Savings Bonds
The Series EE savings bond is one of the most popular savings bonds in the history of the United States. Issued by the Treasury department, you can invest in Series EE savings bonds either by purchasing electronic versions or physical paper bond certificates. Depending upon your choice, the rules are different. Sit back and let us teach you...

How Do I Buy Series EE Savings Bonds?
If you've wanted to know how you can buy Series EE savings bond then this article is for you. It explains the four ways you can acquire or invest in Series EE savings bonds for your own fixed income portfolio.

Tax Advantages of Series EE Savings Bonds
There are substantial tax advantages to investing in series ee savings bonds from the United States treasury. This includes no state or local taxes on series ee bonds, as well as the opportunity to generate tax deferred earnings by exchanging the bonds for other types.

Series EE Savings Bonds Photo Gallery
Pictures of Series EE savings bonds show you all of the denominations available to investors in this photo gallery. We have pictures of all of the Series EE savings bonds.

Series EE Savings Bonds Interest Rates
The Series EE savings bonds interest rates are determined by modifying the 10 year U.S. Treasury bond for the benefits offered to savings bond holders such as the option to defer taxes and exchange bonds for other series types. The interest rate on Series EE savings bonds is set twice per year.

What Are Patriot Bonds?
Have you ever wondered what Patriot bonds are or how they are different from Series EE savings bonds?

Are Savings Bonds Good Investments - About Financial Plan
It would be a challenge to find a less sexy investment than US Savings Bonds (unless it's passbook savings accounts), yet Savings Bonds are purchased by one in five Americans. Since Savings Bonds greatly underperform the stock market, why do so many people buy them? And should they?

Why Do Maturity Dates on Series EE Bonds Vary By Issue Year?
Have you ever wondered why different Series EE savings bonds mature at different times? For instance, the EE bonds issued in 1981 and 1982 took only 8 years to reach full face value, yet the same EE bonds issued in 2003 took 20 years to reach face value? These drastically different maturity dates are the result of the rate of interest earned on each EE bond when it is issued. Take a few minute…

What's So Special About EE Bonds from May 1st 1997 Through Ap…
Do you own Series EE savings bonds issued between May 1st, 1997 and April 30th, 2005? If so, the rules are different on those savings bonds than the ones issued today. Why? To find out, read this feature on older savings bonds.

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