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What Are Patriot Bonds?

How Patriot Bonds are Different from Series EE Savings Bonds


Patriot Bonds - The Series EE Savings Bonds Patriot Bonds

Patriot Bonds are nothing more than regular Series EE savings bonds. The money is not earmarked for any specific purpose and the entire program was mostly a marketing gimmick that lacked substance. If you own a patriot bond, you own a regular EE bond.

New investors have been asking what a Patriot Bond is and the answer is simple: Patriot bonds are absolutely identical in every way to the paper versions of the Series EE Savings Bonds. The only difference is that if you bought your Series EE savings bond through a local bank or financial institution after December 10th, 2001, the words "Patriot Bond" are printed on the face of the certificate.

According to the United States Treasury: "Patriot Bonds offer Americans one more way to express their support for our nation's anti-terrorism efforts. Proceeds are deposited into a general fund that includes contributions to anti-terrorism efforts and spent according to law. Patriot Bonds can only be purchased through financial institutions. EE Bonds purchased through the Payroll Savings Plan will not bear the Patriot Bond inscription, because they are processed by many different organizations using a variety of inscription techniques. As a result, this precludes TreasuryDirect from being able to offer the special inscription for payroll customers."

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