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George Soros

If you had invested $1,000 with George Soros in his Quantum Fund when he started in 1969, you would have found yourself worth $4 million by the new millennium. That 32% annual return earned George Soros legendary status as a trader and speculator, as well as the attention of governments and markets around the world.

Capitalist Threat, The
In this article, written by billionaire George Soros himself, the reader is asked exactly what kind of society he or she wants. Published in the Atlantic Monthly, this piece gives a glimpse into the thinking of Soros about philanthropy and society.

George Soros and the Quantum Fund Trading
This site aims to be the premier web location for news and information regarding George Soros. Includes tons of articles and pictures about the Quantum Fund, and George Soros in general.

George Soros Foundation Network
George Soros has given almost $3 billion to his foundation, the George Soros Foundation, and promises to give away most of his wealth from the Quantum Fund by the time he turns 80. This is the foundation's official website, and includes information on what they are accomplishing throughout the world.

Interview with George Soros, Chairman, Soros Fund Management
An interview [also available in video format] with George Soros, Chairman of the Soros Fund Management and founder of the Quantum Fund. Focused on the State of the World Forum, 2000.

PBS Interview with Billionaire George Soros
A PBS interview with billionaire philanthropist, George Soros. Topics such as Russia, international monetary markets, the Quantum Fund, and the worst investment decision of his life.

Salon Profile -of Quantum Fund Founder George Soros
A biograpy and profile of billionaire George Soros, the founder of the Quantum Fund. Absolutely a top-notch page.

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