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Product Review - Top Money & Investing Gift of the Year
Franklin Mint Collector's Edition Monopoly
The Most Luxurious Version of the Famous Parker Brothers Classic

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Pros • Gold and Silver Plated Pieces
• Collectable, Individually Numbered Edition
• Portfolio Holder for Real Estate

Designer Money
• Only $59.95 per month (for 10 months), or $595 in cash
Cons • n/a
The Bottom Line - Monopoly has never before looked so good. From the high-quality wooden game board to the gold-plated hotels, each player will feel like a millionaire (whether they win or not!) The middle of the board is in-laid with a rich green felt, while the board itself opens up to reveal a hidden cash drawer to stash your winnings. One look at the game, and you'll want to call your broker and sell a few shares to buy your own copy.

Guide Review
From the moment I saw the Franklin Mint Monopoly game, I was in love. A life-long Monopoly addict, I can honestly say Mr. Money has never been so properly represented! This game is the perfect addition to any study, office, or home. The pieces are one-of-a-kind, and all dipped or accented in either sterling silver or pure gold. The collector's edition includes a bound real estate portfolio to hold the bank's property deeds, heavy dice, custom-printed money, a cash drawer for the banker, and gold-foiled community chest and chance cards. Sure to last a lifetime, this is one investment you will never regret. For these reasons, I've decided to name the Franklin Mint Collector's Edition Monopoly the "Money Gift of the Year". I recommend it unconditionally. You can see detailed and enlarged pictures of the pieces and game board.

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