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John Pierpont Morgan

The most famous banker in the world, John Pierpoint Morgan acted as the Central Bank and Federal Reserve in the United States when none existed. On more than one occasion he saved the developing United States economy from severe depression. This was in addition to organizing the formation of the world's first billion-dollar corporation, U.S. Steel.

Morgan: American Financier by Jean Strouse

An excellent biography written by Jean Strouse about John P. Morgan. I highly recommend it without any reservations. The writing is interesting, and the profile unbiased. Anyone interested in J.P. should definitely read this book.

Britannica Biography - J.P. Morgan

A biography on John Pierpont Morgan. Includes a wealth of information that is easy and enjoyable to read.

Encarta Biography - J.P. Morgan

An online biography of J.P. Morgan.

J.P. Morgan Chase

The page of the bank John P. Morgan built while he ruled over western finance. J.P. Morgan Chase & Company is one of the largest and most powerful investment banking firms in the world.

J.P. Morgan Quotes

John P. Morgan [aka J.P. Morgan or the Commodore] offers insights into work, banking, and hiring a lawyer in these selected quotes.

John Pierpont Morgan - An Online Biography

A biography of John Pierpont Morgan, investment banker and prominent American figure. The biography describes how Pierpont organized General Electric and U.S. Steel.

Oxford University Press John Pierpont Morgan Biography

American financier, industrialist, and art collector, John Pierpont Morgan lived from 1837 to 1913.

Picture History - John Pierpont Morgan

A digital image of John Pierpont Morgan available for purchase. Excellent to use in reports or research.

The Achievements and Philanthropy of John Pierpont Morgan

A biography of John Pierpont Morgan, including information on his life, the positions he held, the business deals he arranged, and the gifts and endowments he left several institutions.

The Morgan Bonds - 1896

Find out how John Pierpont Morgan saved the United States from exhausting its gold reserves. A nice article.
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