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Municipal Bonds

Municipal bonds, or Munis for short, are bonds issued by city, county, or state governments for a variety of projects such as building schools, expanding highways, or constructing a new sewage system. Municipal bonds are normally exempt from state and local taxes, making them an attractive investment to men and women in the middle to higher tax brackets.

About Investing in Municipal Bonds
Tax-free municipal bonds can be a great investment for those in higher tax brackets. Read this quick and easy-to-use guide to find out if they are something you should consider adding to your portfolio. Covers the basics such as general obligation versus revenue municipal bonds.

How Do I Invest in Municipal Bonds?
How Do I Invest in Municipal Bonds?

3 Reasons To Consider Investing in Municipal Bonds for Income
One of the most popular ways to generate passive income in retirement is to invest in tax-free municipal bonds. Here are three of the top reasons they are so attractive during the golden years.

Laddering Your Municipal Bond Investments
The typical municipal bond investors can often lower his or her risk by laddering the bonds so that the maturities are staggered, reducing bond duration and reinvestment risk.

General Obligation Municipal Bonds vs. Revenue Municipal Bonds
If you are considering buying municipal bonds for your portfolio, you need to know the difference between General Obligation and Revenue bonds.

Tests of Safety for Municipal Bonds
These tests of safety for municipal bonds will help investors learn to protect against loss and default. Municipal bond tests of safety include minimum population, credit ratings, municipal bond insurance, and more.

Don't Let Inflation Destroy Your Municipal Bond Portfolio
Inflation can be a very real danger for municipal bond investors, especially if you buy bonds during periods of low interest rates and choose durations longer than ten years. Don't fall into that trap.

New Investor's Guide to Municipal Bonds
This guide includes a collection of articles and essays on municipal bond investing, including ways you can take advantage of these tax-free securities. It is the best place to start if you are new to the topic and want to have an all-in-one resource to point you in the right direction.

C.W. Henderson - Specialists in Tax Free Municipal Bonds
C.W. Henderson is a professional investment counseling firm that focuses on investing in tax free municipal bonds. It caters to high-income and net-worth individuals as well as corporations with short term cash.

CFTtech - Municipal Bond Basics
Municipal bonds are categorized by the form of collateral used to back them and to raise their revenue. Explains the difference between revenue bonds, industrial bonds, redevelopment agency bonds, and airport bonds.

Delphis Hanover Municipal Bond and Yield Tables
Delphis Hanover provides municipal bond yield tables to the Wall Street Journal. Offers research and information on municipal bonds to members of its service.

Invest FAQ - Tax Free Municipal Bond Terminology
Terms and definitions relating to tax free municipal bonds. I recommend you print the page for reference.

Muni Marketplace
Municipal Marketplace® Online provides you with instant access to the most complete and current database of municipal bond firms and professionals. This exclusive weekly updated service will connect you to the people and information you need to expand your business.

Municipal Bond Definition and Links - Investopedia
A basic definition of municipal bonds as well as several links to resources about bonds, municipal bond yields, and purchasing bonds for your portfolio.

Municipal Bond Yields and Issues - Search for Munis
The municipal bond section of fmsbonds.com publishes weekly yield tables, market commentary, and priced tax-free municipal bonds. The site even allows investors to search for municipal bonds by state.

National Federation of Municipal Analysts
The NFMA was established in 1983 to provide a forum for issues of interest to the municipal analyst community. Its primary focus is on providing educational programs for municipal finance professionals with a secondary focus on voicing opinions on areas of concern to municipal analysts.

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