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Offshore Investing

Offshore investing seems to be something out of James Bond or Mission Impossible. These articles and resources will help you learn the basics of offshore investing, including what's legal and what's not.

Is Offshore Investing for You?
Offshore investing can have many advantages for the average investor, regardless of the size of their bank accounts. Information on tax reduction, asset protection, and diversification is discussed.

Offshore Bank Service
This site offers offshore investing and banking services to individuals and businesses.

Offshore Investing Asset Protection Articles
A list of articles and an FAQ about offshore investing. A "warning" section includes all offshore investing techniques that are illegal and should not be used.

Offshore Investing Glossary
An offshore investing glossary from Turtletrader.com.

Swiss Bank Account - Fact and Fiction
Swiss bank accounts and offshore investing aren't just for the super rich or criminal mastermind. Discover the advantages of your own account, including a list of the five largest Swiss banks.

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