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Peter Lynch - Fidelity Magellan

Peter Lynch, famed investor and manager of the Magellan mutual fund, went to work at Fidelity as a textile analyst. From 1977 to 1990, the Magellan fund rose more than 2,700%. These articles, interviews, and resources all contain information on Peter Lynch, the mutual fund industry, and Fidelity.

Complete Peter Lynch Approach - An Article by Maria Scott
The absolute best page on the web about Peter Lynch and his investment philosophies. Maria Scott's article explains how Peter Lynch selects a stock, the criteria he uses to evaluate a company, favorable characteristics of a business, and much more. Your portfolio can be a lot richer by simply reading this article alone!

Fool.com - Peter Lynch Principles
An article from the Motley Fool talking about Peter Lynch and his investing philosophies and rules. An excellent article; I highly recommend it.

Nasdaq - Three Categories of Companies - Peter Lynch
In his book One Up on Wall Street, Peter Lynch divided attractive stocks into different categories, each characterized by different criteria. Among those most easy to identify using quantitative research are fast growers, slow growers and stalwarts, with special criteria applied to cyclical and financial stocks. Here are the definitions of these three categories.

PBS Interview with Peter Lynch
PBS interview with Peter Lynch. Topics include stock market crashes, his first stock, being hired by Fidelity, taking over the Magellan fund, and insight into how he selects stocks. A great resource for information on Peter Lynch's career.

Peter Lynch and Earnings
Peter Lynch is a fundamental investor who advocates that earnings drive the market. Gives information on his record during 1977 to 1990 when he ran the Magellan fund.

The Greatest Investors - Peter Lynch
Peter Lynch is arguably the world's greatest mutual fund manager. A $10,000 investment into Magellan in 1978 adding $100 per month, would add up to over $1 million, in 20 years. Lynch's return at the Magellan fund was 29% annually. Find out when he was born, his most favorite quote, and more. From Investopedia.

Turtletrader - Peter Lynch
Information on the techniques employed by Peter Lynch while the manager of the Fidelity Magellan fund. The site itself is geared more towards traders, so I don't recommend anything other than the Peter Lynch article.

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