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Planning for the Future

These resources will help you build a nest egg for college, plan for retirement, establish a budget and take control of your future.
  1. College (18)
  2. Estate Planning (8)
  3. Saving Money (10)
  4. Savings and Debt Management (64)
  5. Taxes (25)
  6. Trust Funds (6)
  7. Wealth Management (10)

The $25,000 Bouquet of Roses
Today, I happened to stop by a flower shop near my office and pick up a dozen long-stem red roses for the foyer of my investing company’s headquarters. Not thinking that it was near Valentine’s day, nor really paying attention, I selected a dozen premium flowers and, upon paying, realized I had just dropped roughly $93.50. That would have been fine, except it wasn’t something that I expected – but it was too late.

Investing in Health Insurance
One of the leading causes of financial disaster, namely bankruptcy, is the result of a lack of health insurance. It doesn’t make a lot of sense for you to begin investing in common stocks through a brokerage account or direct stock purchase plan if you don’t have good health insurance with reasonable deductibles.

The Complete Financial Portfolio - 10 Steps to Building a Complete Financial...
In ten simple steps, you can begin building a complete financial portfolio. The complete financial portfolio includes yoru 401k, brokerage accounts, house, car, student loans, credit card debt, and more.

How to Become Wealthy
These nine personal finance truths are essential to building long-term wealth. This article approaches the spiritual and psychological side of wealth creation and personal finance management.

7 Rules of Wealth Building
Building wealth and amassing money just got easier through these seven practical keys to accumulating investment capital.

10 Financial Resolutions for the New Year
Ready to change your financial life but don't know how? This practical personal finance guide includes ten things you can do to take control of your finances and begin building wealth in the new year.

Love and Money
One of the most complex personal finance issues is the relationship between love and money. Both are complicated enough - mixing the two can be a recipe for disaster. This personal finance article discusses ways to combine the two without too much stress on your romance or your pocketbook.

Pay Off Your Debt or Invest?
One of the most commonly asked personal finance questions is whether it is smarter to pay off your debt or invest. This article gives you a clear way to distinguish between "good" debt and "bad" debt.

Pay Yourself First
One of the best personal finance strategies is to pay yourself first. By consistently setting aside a portion of your income for savings, retirement, or your investment account before you pay your bills, you will develop a financial cushion.

Before You Begin Investing, You Need to Figure Out Why You Want to Invest
You shouldn't just jump into investing if you are new to the game. You need to first identify why it is that you want to invest, so you can figure out the best options for your own, personal situation.

3 Question to Help Your Family Improve Its Investment Portfolio
You can often get much better results out of your investment portfolio by answering these three questions, and letting them serve as a guiding star in your buy and sell decisions.

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