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Prime Rate

The prime rate is the lending interest rate banks charge their most steady, credit-worthy customers [usually large, conservatively financed businesses]. The prime rate is the same for almost all major banks.

Glossary - Prime Rate
Did you know the prime rate is generally considered to be a lagging indicator of the economy? Read a definition of the most important lending interest rate in the United States.

Complete History of Prime Rate Changes
A complete list of all prime rate changes in history from the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank.

Current Prime Rate, LIBOR Rate, Discount Rate, etc...
An excellent listing of all the major lending interest rates, including the prime rate. Also lists LIBOR interest rates, and t-bill rates based on maturity.

HSH Prime Rate - Current and Historical Prime Rates
A listing of the current prime rate with a link to historical prime rates. The data is taken from the Wall Street Journal. These historic lending interest rates can be important to understanding the particular economic climate that prevailed at the time.

Prime Interest Rate Forecast
What interest rate will the big banks be lending on tomorrow? This resources attempts to forecast the prime interest rate, as well as reports historical rates.

Prime Rate - Interest Rate, Lending Definition
This page displays the current prime rate, as well as the date it was last recorded. The bottom half contains a chart and graph of the historical prime rate over the past ten years.

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