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SIMPLE IRA Contribution Limits

Your Guide to the Annual SIMPLE IRA Contribution Limits


The SIMPLE IRA was established so that small business owners could offer a retirement plan to their employees without a lot of hassle or record keeping. A lot of stock brokers such as Charles Schwab & Company will administer these plans for the small business at little or no cost. In most cases, employers are required to contribute either a 3% dollar-for-dollar match on employee contributions or 2% of payroll to SIMPLE IRA accounts setup for each employee.

For tax years 2009 and 2010, the annual SIMPLE IRA contribution limit is $11,500 per year for most people, and $14,000 for those who are 50or older. SIMPLE IRA contribution orders are tax-deductible at the time they are made, and when the money is withdrawn year later, is taxed like ordinary earnings.

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SIMPLE IRA Contribution Limits for 2009 and 2010

YearStandard Annual ContributionCatch-Up Compensation (50 and Older)

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