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101 Things Every New Investor Should Know About Stocks

A Three Minute Guide to Understanding Stocks and the Stock Market


Everyone talks about stocks but few people understand them. This guide was put together so you could learn the 101 most frequently asked questions about stocks in only a few minutes, putting you years ahead of the average investor in understand what stocks are, how they work, and what some common terms mean. This special is part of our Complete Beginner's Guide to Investing in Stocks.
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Wendy's Stock CertificateWhat Exactly Is Stock?McDonald's Bond Debenture CertificateWhat Is the Difference Between a Stock and a Bond?Blue Chip Stocks on Wall StreetWhat Are Blue Chip Stocks?Stock Trading with a Stock BrokerWhat Is a Stock Broker?
SIPC Insurance for InvestorsWhat is SIPC Insurance?Buying stock without a brokerCan You Buy Stock Without a Broker?Stocks Held in a Street Name Wall StreetWhat Does It Mean If Stocks Are Held in a Street Name?Ticker SymbolWhat Is a Ticker Symbol?
Board of DirectorsWhat Does the Board of Directors Do?Dividend ChecksWhat Is a Dividend?Companies can send you a portion of the profit they earn when you own stock, known as dividends.What Is Dividend Yield?Dividends in EnvelopeWhat Is the Ex-Dividend Date?
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