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The Uniformed Gifts to Minors Act [UGMA] is a way for children under 18 years old to own stock. Learn the benefits, drawbacks, and specifics of opening a UGMA account using these resources and articles.

How To Give Stock As a Gift
There are many ways to give stock as a gift, including UTMA accounts.

Financial Aid and UGMA - Avoid the Backfire
A child's chances at financial aid can be seriously harmed if they own a UGMA account. Read more in this article.

Guide to Custodial Accounts - UGMA and UTMA for Minors
Custodial Accounts 101, Problems with Custodial Accounts, Transferring your UGMA to a College 529 Savings Plan, and UGMA Regrets are among the articles available at this site. Top rate information.

Invest FAQ: Uniform Gift to Minors Act - UGMA
Discover how minors can own securities through a UGMA account, who should act as the custodian, and what happens when the child turns reaches legal age. A lot of really good information for those thinking about opening a UGMA account.

Investorwords - The Details of UGMA
An explanation of UGMA, the Uniform Gift to Minors Act. The author mentions that putting money into a UGMA account for a child can negatively impact financial aid.

The Difference Between UGMA and UTMA
Read about the differences between UGMA and UTMA custodial accounts.

The Minor's Right to the Money
What happens to the money in little Johnnie's UMGA account if he decides to drop out of school and play in a rock band? Do parents have the right to withhold assets from a child if they don't think he / she is responsible enough to handle them? Get the answers to tough questions like these before even considering a UGMA account!

Uniform Gift to Minors Spending
What authority does a custodian have to spend money in a UGMA account? This tidbit will tell you the answer.

What To Do If You Have a UGMA - Ric Edelman
You've opened a UGMA for your child, but now realize it was a terrible mistake because you can't take money back. What do you do? Ric Edelman explains how you can legally erode the value of the UGMA account and transfer the assets to your name.

How to Make a UTMA Gift
If you want to gift property under the UTMA laws, it couldn't be easier than changing the title. Really, it's that simple in most cases.

What Happens If I Want To Cancel a UTMA?
When parents find out that they can't control assets in a UTMA once the child reaches the age of maturity, often 21 years old, they often want to find a way out of the UTMA. Unfortunately, it can't be done.

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